Our Final Full Day in Wroclaw

It is very difficult to sum up our time in Wroclaw. Although a very short time – deep friendships seemd to develop. Our local hosts opened wide their hearts and their homes to our pilgrim and made us all feel a part of their families for our visit!

And so….it was wonderful that we could share our last day with them by sharing in their parish feast day. Sunday was the celebration of the Feast of St Jacob (James) and St Christopher. As part of their celebration we participated in the t weave noon liturgy. Fr. Jurzys presided and Fr Kuzma delivered a wonderful homily.

Following Mass each host family prepared a special celebration for their pilgrims. Some learned how to make pierogis, some visited a local castle, and all shared in a massive, festive meal.

Fr Kuzma, Fr Peter and I shared a sumptuous feast with 14 visiting clergy who joined the pastor for this parish feast day. From delicious homemade mushroom soup, to five different kinds of meat, salads, veggies, dumplings and more- we ate and ate some more. Dessert- homemade ice cream cake, fruit, pastries and cheesecake….brought it all together.

After a very brief rest we all gathered together to visit Centennial Hall, a beautiful park and stayed on to see a magnificent sound and light show at the gigantic dancing fountain.

Prior to this we spent a wonderful hour of sharing and reflecting on our experiences to date facilitated by Fr Kuzma. This was an opportunity for our pilgrims to duping deeper into this experience and talk about what effect this pilgrimage has had on them to date. It was a beautiful hour of reflection.

We then had time to wander the gardens …

and find ourselves something to eat – if we were hungry! Can I just tell you EVERYONE ate!

As 10:00 approached our hosts purchased roof top viewing for us to watch the fountain display! What a treat!

Home to pack and to bed to prepare for our long journey tomorrow.

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